Apples vs Oranges, Microsoft vs. Reality, was Re: Tilt the balance...

Subject: Apples vs Oranges, Microsoft vs. Reality, was Re: Tilt the balance...
From: Mary Carson <carson -at- INFORMIX -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 13:04:06 -0700


An excellent point. My post was directed towards applying
for permanent posts (as much as anything can be called
permanent these days).

standing corrected

At 12:53 PM 6/3/99 -0700, John Posada wrote:
>Hi, Mary...
>Maybe I need to make myself a little clearer on why
>I'm taking the stance that I am.
>Believe it or not, I actually have stationery
>specificly for the purpose of sending a thank you note
>and I have done so in the past when it was warranted.
>However, I don't consider the average interview to
>fall in this category. (WHAT?? What an idiot!!)
>Yeah, maybe (and it might still be true if I sent
>thanyou notes in bulk by the pound). However, and
>maybe this is colored by being a contractor. As a
>contractor, I am a commodity. I come in and I have a
>job to do as opposed to coming in as a member of the
>corporate team. Usually, the interview reflects that
>approach. Rarely is there any introduction to the
>department staff and the rest of the warm-and-fuzzy
>stuff. Sometimes, I almost get the impression that
>they'd rather I not leave through the front door (just
>Now, should I come in for an interview and the company
>immediately make an effort to make me feel all kinds
>of warm and wanted, then yes, I will send that note,
>but not to thank them for the interview but to thank
>them for the effort they put in to make me feel at
>home. The interview is their job and they need me as
>much as I need them..we are equals.
>When was the last time you interviewed and got a
>thanyou note from the company that wasn't part of a
>rejection letter?.
>If the effort is above and beyond, it deserves the
>Have I not been hired because I didn't send the note?
>No. How do I know this? Of the last 10-12 interviews
>over the last 5 years, I've only twice (that I can
>remember) NOT been offered the position (I may not
>have taken it, but it was offered) and of the two, I
>knew before I left that I wasn't getting the offer.
The charities, that sooth, and heal, and bless,
are scattered at the feet of Man, like flowers.
-- William Wordsworth

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