Interview from Hell - follow-up to Steven Jong

Subject: Interview from Hell - follow-up to Steven Jong
From: "Staples, Lorrie" <Lorrie -dot- Staples -at- NEXTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 10:23:10 -0400

Steven Jong wrote:

>>The attitude I detect in recent postings seems to be, "I was qualified for
the job, so the employer was an idiot for passing me by." Well, in light of
my previous comments, you probably weren't alone in being qualified! What
other reasons might there have been for you losing out?<<

Just wanted you (& everyone else) to know that my posting about the
Interview from Hell was just that. A posting of the Interview from Hell.
No, I'm not disappointed about not getting the job, because, as the *whole
point* of my post stated, it wasn't meant to be & I certainly do not want a
job that "wasn't meant to be". I'm a firm believer in the idea that, what
happens or doesn't happen to you was for a reason. That's why I made the
comment about believing that the job wasn't right for me or I'd have gotten
it. That's not sour grapes. It was just my Interview from hell - - plain &

I'm only speaking for me here. Who knows what every one else's stories were
based on? Sometimes we tech writers get so off track because we are
dissecting things to the 'nth degree. I've noticed that about this
listserv. Relax a little, ok? Life's too short to worry about jobs we
didn't get! If you didn't get it, that means there's something EVEN better
waiting out there for you!

Steven, thanks for the post. I'm not ripping at you with this posting. You
said it better than I did - - there are always reasons behind who the hiring
manager chooses & sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with us as

Enjoy your day!! You won't get it back!!

Lorrie Staples
Technical Writer, Lead
Nextel Communications
Norcross, GA
678/291-3544 (Desk)
770/560-2636 (iDEN - wireless)

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