Danger of online resumes

Subject: Danger of online resumes
From: "Staples, Lorrie" <Lorrie -dot- Staples -at- NEXTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 11:18:15 -0400

Anne (@ccmiller) wrote:

>> I'd like to post my resume online, but after 10 years in my current
job, I'm a bit wary. I've heard horror stories about one's current employer
stumbling on these resumes and putting you on the fast track out the door.

I've considered some kind of honest but effective comouflage, such as
using my middle and maiden name. Does anyone have any experience, anecdotes
or advice?<<

Anne, while looking for job boards to post my resume to, I found that some
of them asked if you had any companies that you Didn't want to see your
resume & then asked you to type in the name.

I also had 2 other thoughts for you to consider:

1) if you do post your resume as an "invented" name, what are you going to
do when they call you for an interview? I tried that once & the recruiter
that pulled my resume kept calling me by that name & even scheduled an
interview under that name, even though I corrected that the first time I
talked to her. Are you going to pretend to be that other name the whole
time? If that's what you choose, what do you do if they offer you a job or
check any references? An employer might wonder what else you "invented" on
your resume, since you aren't who you "said" you were. Just a thought to
consider . . . and,

2) I'm really, really glad that you are looking for another job, because any
company that can't deal with it's employees trying to better themselves,
isn't worth working for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making sure
you are earning the market value of your skills. That's the way our economy
operates - supply & demand. If the company has a problem with you checking
your marketability and you have to hide it, you really don't need to be
working for them. It's the company having a problem that can't put enough
value in it's employees to create an environment and pay them enough that
other companies can't woo them away - - not you for trying to better
yourself & get monetarily paid what you are worth.

All in all, if I am sincerely looking for another job, I'd post it with the
name I'd want to be called. If I'm just fooling around to find my market
value, then use an alias. Also, I've been posting my resume on many of the
major job boards for months & I've had many, many calls on my resume, but
not from Nextel.

Hope this is helpful!!

Have a great day!!

Lorrie Staples
Technical Writer, Lead
Nextel Communications
Norcross, GA
678/291-3544 (Desk)
770/560-2636 (iDEN - wireless)

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