Re: Interview From Hell

Subject: Re: Interview From Hell
From: Julie Badger <julie -dot- badger -at- BARRA -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 09:13:34 -0700

Hi Everyone,

I usually lurk on this list but today I thought I would share
the funniest interview question I was ever asked. I was interviewing for a
tech writer job at a company in the San Francisco Bay Area. The woman
interviewing me asked the basic questions, "Tell me about your current
position," etc. Then she whipped out her own list of questions that she
boasted she had come up with the night before. One question, in particular,
was the strangest. She said, "O.K., you are me. You come home from a long
day at work. When you walk into the kitchen you see that your dog has
rummaged through all of the cabinets and all of the tupperware, bowls,
plates, canned food, everything that was in the cabinets, is all in a big
pile in the middle of the kitchen floor. How do you go about cleaning up
this mess?" That was it. That was the question. I made a lame attempt to
answer the question, mostly because I had absolutely no idea what this
person was looking for, and because I had just recently decided that I
really wasn't interested in the position. When it came my turn to ask
questions I asked her, "So, what exactly are you looking for when you ask
that question about the dog and the kitchen." She replied, "I'm just
looking to see if your planning and organizational skills are similar to
mine." I guess she was able to make some correlation to my organizational
and planning skills as a tech writer based on my response. I have no idea
what that correlation was.

Have a good day!

Julie Badger

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