Re: What do you put in figure captions

Subject: Re: What do you put in figure captions
From: Suzette Seveny <sseveny -at- PETVALU -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 09:31:14 -0400

What about compromising and using two level headings, with the name of the
window followed by the function of the window?

Figure x.x: Customer Information Window - Add a New Customer
Figure x.x: Customer Information Window - Changing Customer Information

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On Tuesday, June 08, 1999 4:41 PM, John Posada wrote:
> Due to poor software design, the titles of the windows
> in the application are not descriptive of the
> contents. The same type of windows with different
> contents will have the same name in the title bar.
> BTW...this is why I have so many screen shots. It is
> hard to mention a window in the text without a picture
> when the contents is different and the person reading
> the instructions might think of one window when the
> software is displaying another.
> Because of that, I want to compose the figure caption
> based on a descriptive format based on the contents
> but I'm outvoted by one or two people around here that
> want me to use the title of the window as the figure
> title, regardless of how redundant they may be.
> The problem is that when I generate the Figure TOC
> (LOF to those in the Frame world), the list doesn't do
> much to help a person find a graphic of a window since
> he may find 12-15 figures listed with the same
> caption.

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