Re: MS Word: how to get a list of graphics

Subject: Re: MS Word: how to get a list of graphics
From: "Klopfenstein, Ed (AFS)" <edk -at- ACCU-FAB -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 11:23:30 -0700

> We link graphics (rather than embed them) in our Word documents. Does
> anyone
> know of a way to generate a list of the graphics used in the document?
> Could
> a macro do this?
A quick solution would be to save all graphics in one folder and use
Office's FileSearch function in a macro to create a list of files. You then
create a new Word (or text or Excel) object to save your results.

Another option that might be a little more involved but better suite
your needs is to use Word's LinkFormat object and read the file's
"SourceFullName" values. This would be more versatile since you could make
your file string a property and change the property anytime you want to save
a Word project to a new file source. Again, though, this is probably going
to be a little more involved.

Here's a function I wrote using FileSearch to search for text
modules in my company's server. It returns a string.

Hope it helps.



Public Function ShowProperties(File As String, _
Folder As String, path As Boolean) As String
Dim Result As String
With Application.FileSearch
.FileName = File
If (formData.cmbDBSources.Value = "All Folders") = True Then
.LookIn = "I:\AFS\Modules\Manual"
.LookIn = "I:\AFS\Modules\Manual\" _
& formData.cmbDBSources
End If
.SearchSubFolders = True
ShowProperties = .LookIn & "\" & _
formData.lstFolders.Value & ".doc"
End With
End Function

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