Re: Rational RequisitePro or SoDA anyone?

Subject: Re: Rational RequisitePro or SoDA anyone?
From: Kathleen Melly <kmelly -at- HI -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:02:16 -0400


I'm using Rational's SoDA for Word to generate documents from a Rose Model.
The idea is to build Word templates that extract the data directly from the
Rose Model. Building templates is time consuming. If you estimate a day's
work, triple it. The product is temperamental, you have to be very precise
when entering commands or you risk corrupting the template. The
documentation is terrible, but technical support and the users group are

- If Word repeatedly crashes when you generate a report, the template is
most likely corrupted.
- Do not run anything else on the PC while running SoDA. SoDA has a problem
with any other program using the clip board.
- Extract data from a condensed version of the model and unload any
unnecessary units.
- Call technical support and get their tips on formatting text and entering
commands. These tasks are not intuitive and the manual does not step you
through the process. You may not even realize that you are doing these
tasks incorrectly, until Word crashes due to a corrupted template. Tech
support is always helpful and willing to spend time with you until you get
- Never select Cancel in the middle of generating a report. Doing so
corrupts the template. Are you detecting a pattern.

I hope I don't sound too negative. SoDA may be painful at times, but it
does get the job done.


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Subject: Rational RequisitePro or SoDA anyone?

Hi - I'm new on the list.
Have any of you used Rational's RequisitePro software to "manage your
Or how about working with Rational's SoDA and it automatically generated

Thanks for any tips, tricks, pointers to journal articles, etc. from the
Tech Writer's point of view.


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