Re: Interview from hell -- question

Subject: Re: Interview from hell -- question
From: Marilynne Smith <marilyns -at- QUALCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 12:25:35 -0700

In my opinion these people can go work in your cube, not mine.


At 02:41 PM 6/8/99 , Margaret Gainsley wrote:
>>Rebecca wrote:
>>" And I think it's arguable that if this is the level of attention to
>>detail they give to their appearance in an interview, it's perfectly
>>reasonable to question their level of attention to detail in their work,
>I have to disagree!
>There are many reasons why one might not bath on a regular basis or not wear
>deodorant. There are some people, technical writers and editors included,
>that might think much differently then the norm. Their reason may be very
>valid to them. ( and might be very interesting to hear if your willing to
>listen) If there is such a problem with these individuals in the work place
>I am sure with a friendly constructive discussion, a compromise may avail.
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