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Subject: Re: Reality Check Time
From: "Backer, Corinne" <CBacker -at- GLHEC -dot- ORG>
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 12:44:12 -0500

They'd be foolish to do so. I know two companies in particular that would
automatically hack 5-10k off the offer for such a change in job description.

On the other side of the coin, compare the salaries you've seen for
Marketing managers to those of Documentation managers. I've noticed the
discrepancy lean the other way (bigger $ to Mktg folks).

I think this "title" thing has gone a bit too far, don't you? Don't skills
mean anything?

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> Elna complained:
> > Oh, please! I'm getting really tired of this board providing fuel for
> > urban
> > legends that aren't true. I can't think of a single place in the Bay
> Area
> > where
> > you have to pay $12 for a cup of coffee. We've dissed Silicon Valley -
> > and the
> > people who work here - enough, thankyouverymuch. People choose
> geographic
> > areas
> > for a variety of reasons - what's wrong with simply acknowledging that
> > diff'rent
> > folks like diff'rent strokes and let it go at that?
> >
> [O'Neill, Kate] Looks like I should have left my original
> phrasing
> intact: I initially made a parenthetical comment about
> perpetuating
> misconceptions, and then changed it to the version about expensive
> habits 'cause it's Friday and I thought I'd play along with the
> joke.
> You're right that coffee doesn't cost $12 in Silicon Valley, of
> course,
> and there are plenty of things I pay less for here than what I
> used
> to
> pay in Chicago, but I couldn't resist.
> OB-TECHWR-L: I think the point about "marketing writers" making
> less than technical writers is an interesting one, but I wonder
> how
> many writers use this terminology, given the apparent consequence
> of earning less dough? Are there any writers on this list who
> identify
> primarily as "marketing writers"?
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