Re: Naming Convention for Manuals

Subject: Re: Naming Convention for Manuals
From: "Merrick, Tim" <tim -dot- merrick -at- LSIL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 08:17:47 -0500

Lenore Weiss wrote:

"What do you use as standard nomenclature to distinguish your suite
of published books and how do you define each kind?"

We use Installation Guide, User Guide, and Kit Instructions for hardware;
Installation and Support Guide and User Guide for software.

"We want to standardize on Guide and Reference Manual. (The first
for the user; the second for the administrator.)

I'm curious why you would use 'Guide' for the end user and 'Manual' for the
administrator. Any reason? Why not User Guide and Administrator Guide? Or,
if for some reason you want to stress the technical nature of the admin
book, how about Technical Reference?

"What about your use of apostrophes in titles as in User's Guide vs.
User Guide. Any words of wisdom there?

It's my impression that the standard form is User Guide (no apostrophe),
though I still see instances of both forms. I prefer User Guide.

Tim Merrick
Technical Publications
LSI Logic Storage Systems

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