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Subject: Re: Word Master Documents
From: Suzette Seveny <sseveny -at- PETVALU -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 18:04:16 -0400

I would caution you to avoid using Master Docs - at all costs. The problem
here is that each of the documents will be open at the same time, and being the
memory hog that Word is, you will quickly reach the number and/or size of
documents it will allow you to have open at one time.

Why not separate into chapters within a manual, with each chapter being a
separate document. You can use chapter numbering (i.e. 4-15) to avoid having
to deal with sequential page numbering concerns.

I believe that would work better.

Suzette Seveny
Markham, Ontario, Canada
sseveny -at- petvalu -dot- com or suzette -at- yesic -dot- com
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On Thursday, June 24, 1999 4:51 PM, slm5v [SMTP:slm5v -at- CC -dot- USU -dot- EDU] wrote:
> Afternoon, everyone.
> I have a question--I am trying to combine several unwieldly, massive
> documents, about thirty in all, into one cohesive text. My problem is a
> combination of inexperience with Word, poorly writtn user's manuals (from
> Microsoft and private authors), and evidently not near enough memory on my
> machne, which seems completely unvbelievable. When i try to insert these
> large
> documents into a Master Document, I can get through maybe three of them
> before
> I get "not enough memory" messages on my screen.
> I have tried using the INCLUDETEXT feature, and it was slightly more
> successful, allowing me to get through about half of the documents before
> again apparently running out of memory. I don't know where to go with this;
> advice, suggestions are more than welcome. HELP!

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