Microsoft Word's ?$%^(& Numbering

Subject: Microsoft Word's ?$%^(& Numbering
From: Paul Moloney <paulmoloney -at- SEPRO -dot- IE>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:28:36 +0100

HI there,

Sorry is this is the wrong list to
post to - is there a list specific to
Microsoft Word?

Anyway, I've never known anything
as bad as Microsoft Word 97's
methods of numbering - did they
get crack-crazed wombats to
write this function? Currently,
I'm generating a manual online
help using ForeHelp's "Generate
Manual" procedure (yeah, I know,
this shouldn't be done, but it's
an emergency). Anyway, the
numbering has come out totally
screwed up - roman numerals
instead of numbers, the indentation
messed up, etc.

I'm now manually trying to fix the
problem: all I want is to have two
levels of numbering, for example:

1. Here is the first step, followed by two sub-steps:
a. Here is substep a.
b. Here is substep b.
2. Here is the second step.
a. Here is substep a...


Word refused to allow me to restart the
numbering of the substeps after each step, _or_
to have the proper indentation. Am I wasting
my time, and should I manually do all the numbering
(using the SEQ keyword)?


Paul Moloney,
Technical Writer,
Sepro Telecom International Ltd.,
Dublin, Ireland.

paulmoloney -at- sepro -dot- ie

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