Re: The Telecommuting myth

Subject: Re: The Telecommuting myth
From: David Cramer <dacramer -at- VIDEON -dot- WAVE -dot- CA>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 10:30:23 -0600

I was going to let this thread go by without commenting until I read Tim
Altom's message which included the following:

>I want people in our company who really love to excel and who bounce ideas
>down the hallway like rubber balls. We had an employee today who came up
>with a tremendously clever idea. Interestingly, she got it while she was
>with us in the office, not at home. We took it and fleshed it out, and it
>became a Simply Written idea. That's the human spirit at play. That's when
>work is more than documentation.

I must protest that too many of the posters on this thread are looking at
VERY specific circumstances in their recollection or imagination, and
conjuring up extremely general rules that everyone, apparently, should obey.

Loosen up, people!

I work at home and have done so for a couple of years, off and on. That
little fact does not describe my relationship with my company or
co-workers. It does not define the character of my communication with my
co-workers. It does not define how often I visit the office, which is only
seven minutes away. It does not define my holy dedication to my company's
future. It does not characterize how many hours I spend doing "work". It
does not make me a "key-clacker". It does not describe how much energy is
generated by my relationships or communication. And it certainly doesn't
diminish my human spirit or that of the people I regularly deal with.

Let's just say telecommuting works very well for some, not so well for
others, and leave it at that.



David Cramer, Process Innovation Evangelist 87-1313 Border Street
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Corporate Office Research & Development Canada

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