Re: The telecommuting myth

Subject: Re: The telecommuting myth
From: Kate O'Neill <kateo -at- CINEBASE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 10:21:31 -0700

I apologize in advance for the formatting of my response.
I can't -stand- the way Outlook handles email.

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> Subject: The telecommuting myth
> After having worked for
> several clients/employers over the last few years, I am beginning to
> wonder
> how much telecommuting truly takes place in these wired times. I manage
> one
> or two days working at home per month (sometimes less), but these are
> granted only grudgingly, and have so many conditions attached to them that
> I
> really have more latitude to do my work when I come in to the office. So I
> have concluded that telecommuting is something that the magazines and
> Sunday
> supplements like to write about as a Big Trend, but that it has only
> miniscule acceptance in the Real World. Thoughts, anyone?
[O'Neill, Kate] In my company, telecommuting is indeed
alive and well, and not only for contractors. Two to three
telecommute days per week are the norm for almost all
employees. Yet even in an environment like this, some of
us are in the office nearly every day.

Why? Well, my experience may differ from that of my
colleagues, but I find that there are several advantages to
being in the office every day:
- Meetings happen. They do. And there's no way to predict
when the V.P. of Engineering or the Director of Product
Marketing is going to get the urge to call one. Yes, I could
dial in for the meetings, but it just ain't the same.
- Can't access code from home. Yeah, well, I do software
documentation. Sometimes ya gotta be able to look at
the latest and greatest build in order for things to make
- Love that personal interaction! Many of my most
valued SMEs are in the office every day; being there with
them makes it oh-so-much easier to extract information
from their heads.

And then there's my 21-inch monitor... OK, so now you
know the -real- reason I prefer working in the office. ;-)

Kate O'Neill: Manager of Documentation
Cinebase Software
kate -at- cinebase -dot- com ... direct -at- 650 -dot- 568 -dot- 7343

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