Re: Formatting Numbers in Word

Subject: Re: Formatting Numbers in Word
From: Beth Friedman <bjf -at- WAVEFRONT -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 10:47:09 -0500

At 08:53 AM 7/7/99 -0600, slm5v wrote:
>Afternoon all!
> I come before you once again, a victim of the Microsoft Word plague. My
>problem today is one where I need to number many different headings, all
>ascending order, just like a government document (headings, subheadings,
>sub-subheadings ad nauseum). I am using the Format>Bullets and Numbering
>but to no avail. So far Word appears to have a mind of its own on how to
>number my document. My supervisor and I are convinced that the remedy lies

>the "grayed" numbers in the numbering customization dialog box, but while
>can see the solution, we can't seem to make it work. Any suggestions?

The trick is to create a style for each level of numbering. I'd suggest
you take a look at the "Word of Law" section in Woody's Office Watch from
about a month back -- there's a great write-up there on numbered styles.

I don't know the exact URL, but you can probably navigate there from

Good luck!

"UNIX is user friendly. It's just selective about who its friends are."
Beth Friedman
bjf -at- wavefront -dot- com

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