Face time at the office (WAS: The Telecommuting myth continues)

Subject: Face time at the office (WAS: The Telecommuting myth continues)
From: Shari Scott <SScott -at- COMPLEXIMAGING -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 07:59:00 -0500

Sean Brierley wrote:

You know, you're right. And that ticks me off. What also has
ticked me off
is the perception that family and home-life-obligations must
be sacrificed
on a regular basis so you can be "one of the team" and
regularly work beyond
40 hours . . . I don't do that, I estimate the time and
deliverables of my
projects accurately, work hard to meet my deadlines, work
over if needed,
yet I still get that sideways you-don't-put-in-enough-time
look. Sigh.

I get the same look. I get to work about 7:00 each morning
and try to leave about 4 pm while a lot of other people (including my
boss-the president of the company) don't get into the office until 9:30.
While I am the first one to stay late if there is something that I need to
get done, I will not stay just for "face time". I consistently meet my
deadlines. I do good work. I can usually get my job done in 40 hours.

I have had to put my foot down several times. I estimate my
projects but my deadlines are always blown to hell. Again my boss, who does
my tech reviews, is also the president of the company. My reviews rate
pretty far down the priority list. I just had to tell him that I have been
waiting to get my review back for a month and do not come to me the
afternoon before you want to burn the CD and expect me to have the manual
done. Unfortunately, this has happened many times, hence the harsh tone.

I learned a couple of years ago the value of having a
personal life. A new director of operations was meeting his new team and
asked what we did outside of work. I didn't have one thing I could say I
did. Not one! That's when I realized that I needed a personal life.


Shari Scott Gray
Technical and Marketing Communications
Complex Imaging Systems, Inc.
www.compleximaging.com <http://www.compleximaging.com>
sscott -at- compleximaging -dot- com

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