Re: Forms in Netscape

Subject: Re: Forms in Netscape
From: Larry Hoffenberg <softwareconsultant -at- HOME -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 07:15:10 -0600

Thanks David,

Yup, this kind of thing can drive you crazy. I did some more testing on some
other boxes and on some, the forms are displayed fine.

I did what you did - narrowed the widths so that they look half-way decent
in both Netscape & IE.

Larry Hoffenberg
softwareconsultant -at- home -dot- com
eFax 978-428-8597

> Subject: Re: Forms in Netscape
> Larry Hoffenberg wrote:
> >
> > I've got a forms page that displays properly in IE4.0/5.0 but
> in Netscape
> > 4.5, all the form field text boxes are displayed way too large. ...
> >
> > The form fields are in a table (for alignment purposes)
> within the form, and
> > I'm using FP2K (so far so good :-) ), if any of this matters.
> Yes, I recently spent a couple of hours wrestling with it, too.
> Nearly drove me nuts before I figured out what it was.
> Yes, the form was in a table cell. I didn't check to see
> whether moving it out of the table would change anything,
> because I needed the formatting control.
> No, I didn't find a workaround or solution. I just defined the
> cell to be narrower in IE than I wanted it, so it wouldn't look
> like "crud" in Netscape.
> <sigh>
> --David

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