Re: 'in queue' v. 'in the queue'

Subject: Re: 'in queue' v. 'in the queue'
From: Kelley Sheppard <ksheppar -at- MAILBOX1 -dot- TCFBANK -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 14:38:56 -0500

This seems the most logical analogy, to me. Here are some more examples I can
think of using this line of reasoning:

THE line (queue) is really long.
I'll get IN line (queue) while you park the car.
How long is THE line (queue)?
How many customers are IN line (queue)?
Is this THE line (queue) for tickets?
Are you IN line (queue)?
Please keep THE line (queue) moving.
I didn't mean to cut IN line (queue)!

slm5v wrote:

> Morning!
> I would consider using "queue" the same as using "line". The line of
> callers waiting for callbacks would seem an abstract, a list on a
> computer--you don't actually see the customers. Whereas if the customers were
> lined up next to your desk, you would refer to "THE line" of customers, which
> you can see.
> Hope my two cents were helpful.
> Graham Fredrickson
> "Into each life some rain must fall--what I wouldn't give for an umbrella."
> --me.
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