Re: Exploiting Young Workers (Was Re: The Telecommuting Myth)

Subject: Re: Exploiting Young Workers (Was Re: The Telecommuting Myth)
From: RAHEL A BAILIE <rbailie -at- NEWBRIDGE -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 13:37:32 -0700

> >> It's a very thought-provoking article and would explain why companies with
> >> the technology and supposed cutting-edge management policies blanch at the
> >> word "telecommute." After all, it makes great business sense to pay salary,
> >> benefits, and training costs for one employee who does the work of two. Free
> >> beer is chump change in comparison.
> > Who says they're cutting-edge? Them? They blanch because
> >they're foolish enough to equate "work seen" with "work done" with
> >"progress". The real cutting-edge, high-tech companies laugh at them.

And I suppose that's why our provincial government, in response to pressure from
the local high-tech industry, changed the labour laws to allow companies to relax
employment standards? While the engineering and IT-related professions were the
primary targets, tech writers got swept up as well in these "reforms" that now
formalize, amongst other things, the expectation of unpaid overtime (and they
wonder why workers are leaking through the border into the U.S.A.).

Rahel Bailie
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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