Re: Doing Save As (also: menu/operation references)

Subject: Re: Doing Save As (also: menu/operation references)
From: Susana Rosende <SRosende -at- THEFUND -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 14:01:41 -0400

My company uses an arrow using the equal sign and greater than sign:

File => Save

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Subject: Re: Doing Save As (also: menu/operation references)

Lindsey Durway wrote:

> By the way, how do yall express operations in pull-down menus?
> David uses a comma to separate menu name from operation name. I use a
> greater-than: File > Save. I wonder if I should use a special font to
> off the menu/operation names. Does anyone have strong feelings & good
> advice about menu/operation references?
> Lindsey


Here's my first post (gosh, I'm standing at the podium and you're all
at me ;-)... hope I don't flub it):

I use Arial bold (same font as menu items), with option+shift+5 (in Symbol,
it's an arrow with a double horizontal). But many things would work just as
well ( greater than, simple dash.... I'm not too keen on the comma, it may
lead to confusion since it is used so much in the rest of the text). I
it's important for users to know immediately when we are providing cues for
them. The fewer externals they have to think about while reading the
documentation, the better (doesn't break their concentration).

I also start with the pull-down menu name, then move in deeper, as the user
would (Select Tools - Track Changes - Highlight Changes).

What about the infernal "click"? I try to stay away from it myself, but
about others?
Frederique Courard-Hauri FCH Communications
fch -at- fchcomm -dot- com

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