Re: OT: Acrobat to ASCII or RTF

Subject: Re: OT: Acrobat to ASCII or RTF
From: Terry Barron <tbarron -at- SYSTEMS -dot- DHL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 12:00:35 -0700

Hi, Sean

Gobbledy gook, eh? I find the resulting content has hard carriage
returns after each line, ugly headings (no styles), and other
problems. But, I don't get gobbledy gook.

We had gobbledy gook from PDF copy and paste operations when a PDF
file created on a Windows platform contained True Type fonts. We
changed the source file to use Type 1 fonts and that fixed the

The Exchange Online Guide Troubleshooting PDF Viewing section talks
about this in the "Find tool and select text tools not working"
topic. Three conditions can cause gobbledy gook:

"The file is a PDF Image Only file created with the Scan plug-in or
the Import command in Exchange.

The PDF file originated from a PostScript file on the Windows
platform that contained TrueType fonts.

Select Text and Graphics is not allowed by a security setting. (The
Find tool would work in this case)."


"Brierley, Sean" wrote:
> Terry:
> Thanks for the help. I think PDF Zone was down yesterday because I could not
> log on. However, today I found some plug-ins listed there.
> I tried using Edit|Copy to clipboard. What I see after pasting the clipboard
> into a WP app is gobbledy gook . . . a nonsensical array of characters.
> Thanks for the PDF Zone tip, though. When I saw your post this am, I
> re-tried the address and connected quickly.
> All the best.
> Sean
> sean -at- quodata -dot- com
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> >>>
> >>>Assuming you have the Acrobat Exchange 3.0 or Acrobat 4.0 commercial
> >>>software (not just the free Reader software), you can save a PDF as
> >>>text or RTF (though I find the RTF looks pretty strange).
> >>>
> >>>>From the Exchange Menu, choose Edit -> Copy File to Clipboard.
> >>>
> >>>Open your word processing program and paste the contents of the
> >>>clipboard into a document.
> >>>
> >>>There are numerous 3rd party programs that extend Acrobat's
> >>>capabilities. I believe some of them can export PDF format to other
> >>>programs. You can find out more about these programs from
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>HTH,
> >>>
> >>>Terry
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>"Brierley, Sean" wrote:
> >>>>
> >>>> Hallo:
> >>>>
> >>>> Sorry if this has been posted before--a quick search of
> >>>the archives
> >>>> revealed no answers.
> >>>>
> >>>> Can I create an ASCII text file or RTF from a PDF file?
> >>>>
> >>>> What do I need to do so?
> >>>>
> >>>> Can you recommend third-party tools to do this?
> >>>>
> >>>> Any of them free?
> >>>
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> >>>==============
> >>>Send commands to listserv -at- listserv -dot- okstate -dot- edu (e.g.,
> >>>Find TECHWR-L-related books at

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