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Subject: RE: Print Ranges
From: Metzger Karen <Metzger_Karen -at- prc -dot- com>
To: "'Bonnie Granat'" <bgranat -at- lynx -dot- dac -dot- neu -dot- edu>, "TECHWR-L, a list for all technical communication issues" <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 12:59:43 -0400

Your Print pages in Range trouble might be a result of section breaks you
are not accounting for in your print specifications. Unless you have no
section breaks, here is the solution (which I got from Microsoft's phone
support a few months ago, and it works like a charm for me):

1) Figure out what sections you are printing (AS MICROSOFT WORD SEES IT--IT
TELLS YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE), and what pages inside those sections
you need to print.
2) Specify the section and (if necessary) pages therein in the same field
where you are now only giving a page range.

p1s4-s5 prints all of sections 4 & 5
s4-s5 ALSO prints all of sections 4 & 5 (so avoid the keystrokes if you can)
p10s4-s6 prints from page 10 of section 4 through the end of section 6
s2-p7s6 prints from section 2 page 1 through section 6 page 7
p4s1,p9s7,p8s14 prints page 4 of section 1 AND page 9 of section 7 AND page
8 of section 14 -- I THINK !!

Why don't we list the section before the page #?? HECK IF I KNOW!! But if
you do it this way, it works.

Again, if your document has no section breaks, then this will not help you!

Good luck, though...

> 2. When I click File > Print > Pages in Range and then type something
> like "11-33", to indicate the page range I want to print, Word 97 prints
> the
> entire document. Is this another bug?
> I've got Que's Word Secrets book, but the instructions in this book are
> exactly what I am doing? What am I missing?

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