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Subject: RE: Partition/Software Question
From: "Brian Flaherty" <brflah -at- copelco -dot- com>
To: TECHWR-L -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 10:01:20 -0400

Julie (and any other interested parties):

Some suggestion for your hard disk partitioning of your new drives
(assuming your drives are 6 - 10 GB in configuration):

6 GB 10 GB
---- -----
C:\ 2 GB C:\ 2 GB ("primary partition" for your O/S files)
D:\ 2 GB D:\ 4 GB
E:\ 2 GB E:\ 4 G

Recommended Labels

C:[SYSVOL] - Primary partition (system boot volume)
D:[APPVOL1] - Applications volume 1
E:[APPVOL2] - Applications volume 2

NOTE: Assuming you work on a network or have network access (if you don't
-- you should!), arrange to have each PCs volumes backed-up when installed
(for disaster recovery purposes). There are special utilities available
that let network servers "mirror" each department's PC for restore in the
event of a disaster (a kind of system "copy-to-copy" method -- "uucp"
method as Unix gurus would say! -- a lot easier than re-installing
everything from CDs, even if they're server staged!). You may even
consider staging the install and upgrade process from servers using scripts
(talk to your tech support people about that).

Recommended Organization

C:\ - Contains O/S files and related utilities
C:\Windows - Contains the Win NT O/S
C:\Norton\Norton Anti-Virus - Contains Norton AV program
(IE, which is "bunlded" with Win NT, is handled by the Win NT install
program and will most likely be in the C:\Windows\Iexplorer [or C:\Windows
NT\Iexplorer] directory.)

Group all "tech writing-ware/helpware/online-ware":
D:\Adobe Acrobat
D:\Office 2000
D:\RoboHelp 2000
D:\FrontPage 98/2000

Group all "DTP-ware" and authorware

NOTE: Anti-virus (AV) programs should be run daily at boot-time (scan
memory, all drives and partitions!). You should also install and ACTIVATE
any network AV scanner (to scan for viruses in the network packet stream
going to and fro your PCs).

In general, system files (the O/S - such as Win 9x/NT/2000) are usually
loaded on the primary boot partition, which is usually C:\ (the "sysvol").
Anti-virus and any utilities that work closely with your O/S should also be
loaded on the sysvol, although this is no longer necessary in Win 32-bit
environments. Consult your tech support people for the best
"sysvol/utilvol" configuration and organization. You may need to consult
your tech support people on what file system to use (that is, NTFS vs.
FAT16/FAT32). While FAT32 can handle larger partitions, it is not as
efficient as NTFS. But some companies require FAT file system on Win NT
PCs for backward compatibility to older DOS/Win programs and applications
(especially older DOS/Win utility programs, if you still use them).

Now about FrontPage (FP) 9x/2000 or whatever: I'm not a big advocate of
Microsoft web authoring products except for HTML Help (and its HTML Help
Workshop). (I prefer DreamWeaver, Fusion, Home Site, or other
non-Microsoft products that play better [but not completely] by W3C rules.)
You can search the archives for my response on this (this was a big
discussion some time ago on this list). I know HTML very well and tend to
be a (for lack of a better concept) "purist" and Microsoft's web products
"bloat" files beyond leaps and bounds. But, I've heard that FP 2000 is
better than FP 9x. As for Authorware 5, never used it. So, I can't give
you any opinion on that product.

These are my recommendations and opinions for what they're worth. Hope
this helps!

Brian Flaherty, ICS
Paramus (NJ), USA

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