Re: Frame-to-PDF automation on Windows

Subject: Re: Frame-to-PDF automation on Windows
From: Mark Dempsey <mxd2 -at- osi -dot- com>
To: Janet_Swisher -at- trilogy -dot- com
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 13:36:23 -0700


We write on UNIX Frame, and PC, both. I prefer UNIX because of the
Macros and screen capture utilities not available on PC.

I'm unsure whether fmbatch (or fmprint) will do exactly what you want
with pdfs, not having used it. Nevertheless, we're generating plenty of
pdfs that require things Frame does not do by default.

For example: To make the title bar contain the title of the document
rather than the filename, you must use Acrobat Exchange to manually
enter the Title (File | Document Info | General). We also enter,
Subject, Author, and keywords (essential if you are going to have your
website's search engine find pdfs).

You can "automate" this in UNIX, BTW, but you must find and edit
prolog_ps in $HOME/fminit with a text editor, and do it every time for
each different file. The prolog_ps file also interferes with paper

To make the title bar contain the doc title, you must also click on File
| Document Info | Open, and select "Resize Window to Initial Page," and
"Center Window On Screen." Then you must File | Save As... (with the
optimize radio button depressed).

Optimizing is also essential for byte-serving Acrobat files (downloading
a single page at a time when they're accessed over the web).

Anyway, we do all this in UNIX without the batch print file because
there's no way I know to do this (UNIX or PC) otherwise.

If any others can answer Janet's question *and* tell me how to automate
the above, I'd love to hear it too...

Janet_Swisher -at- trilogy -dot- com wrote:
> We would like to start generating PDF files automatically from FrameMaker
> files as part of our software build process. I know that the fmbatch
> utility facilitates this sort of thing, but is only available for Unix.
> Any suggestions for ways to do this on Windows (NT, if it matters)? Or
> should we shell out for a Unix FrameMaker license just for the build
> process? (All the writers use Windows.)
> TIA,
> Janet Swisher
> Trilogy Software, Inc.

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