HUMOR: More Books at the STC Bookstore

Subject: HUMOR: More Books at the STC Bookstore
From: Andrew Plato <intrepid_es -at- yahoo -dot- com>
To: techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 14:54:18 -0800 (PST)

(I know, it is lazy to do the same joke twice, but I had a good one I missed
from last post.)

I'm Okay and You're NOT
Richard Lester Wonder

Far superior human Richard Lester Wonder demonstrates through meaningless
anecdotes, flawed logic, and emotional irrationality why his ideas regarding
communication, personal responsibility in the work place, and the spacing of
letters is universally correct, while all other people are resoundingly
incorrect. Dick also shows how those who disagree with him are clearly inept
and overly sensitive and just need to "get over it." "I am obviously stupid
and worthless. Thank you Dick Les Wonder for setting me on the right course."
Fran Crotchinator, Industrial Mice Squashing Inc.

Political Correctness for Technical Communicators
By Destiny Sandalwood .

Hairy, opinioned and always smelly Destiny Sandalwood demonstrates the proper
way to address people so as not to offend anyone. Included are such issues as
how to respect the ugly, words to avoid, and advanced linguistic terrorism.
This is a must have for people who can't just be nice or a regular basis.
Included are avoiding such loaded phrases as "The MANual is correct" in place
of "The PERSONALual is correct." "Destiny's book really taught me how to
emasculate myself. I now spend all my time at IKEA when I am not writing
carefully sanitized documentation." Ted Lettuce, Society of Tremendous Wimps

Mastering Creativity: Unleashing Genius You Probably Don't Have
By Josh Gladhandler

Glib and dismissive executive Josh Gladhandler has put together a must-have
book of insights and aphorisms for people without taste or originality. This
overly sanitized book was voted "most likely to look good on a web site" by
Marketing Morons of America. This extremely simple book shows how things like
eating and the weekly "out of the box thinking" might, possibly lead you to
something remotely creative in your career. "I weighed 450 pounds, got high
all day, and did my dishes in the bathtub until I read Josh's book. Now I am a
flunky tech writer. Thank you Josh." Cody Creamora, HyperDong Consulting "The
WRITE! Way".

Bean with Bacon Soup for the Technical Writer's Soul
By Nathan Gecko

Appropriately dressed Nathan Gecko provides the uplifting lifting up that warms
the outpouring of support for this heartwarming goodness. Written exclusively
for the bitter, resentful, and usually self-absorbed technical communicator,
Bean With Bacon Soup for the Technical Writer's Soul helps all tech writers
cope with those horrible engineers, people with bad grammar skills, and other
people who feel your career is about as loathsome as a janitor in a Mexican
prison. These inspirational testimonials from men who are routinely divorced
show the rest of us that just around the corner is death. With it's pleasant
slumber and eternal peace. Rest easy and know that no matter what you do, you
are not published author. "My heart was warmed by these words of uplifting
closure. I think I need to have a streaming multimedia interactive e-commerce
data mart now." Sylvania Sackofwheat, Noodles and Grit Foods.

Training for Trainers Training Trainers to Train
By Tom Tukwila

Terribly terrific Tom Tukwila teaches the ABCs to how to train trainers to
train trainers how to train. This esoteric book describes conceptual ideas
that are vaguely related to human learning and what side of the computer
generates the most heat. Tom has traveled extensively to STC conferences
demonstrating his time-tested ways to teach trainers the training trainer
skills they need to train trainers that train trainers how to train. "Last
week I was in training training trainers, now I am a trainers' trainer training
trainers how training can train them to train trainers trained in training
trains." Sara Lewipsuck, There's Always Room for Jell-O Training Institute.

Spacey Tinkles
Jose Holodeck

Join Yanni-esque Jose Holodeck on his mystical journey through his moustache as
you meet Gabriel the Searching Technical Communicator and his languished
conversations with such notable historical figures as: Aristotle, Voltaire,
J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, and L. Ron Hubbard. Observe to the spirited debate between
Gabriel and Aristotle as Gabriel reminds Aristotle that Times New Roman is not
to be used for oratory. "Once I picked it up, I was gamma welded to the
substructure." Four of Eight, Subadjuct of Unimatrix 0.3.1.

The frog gave me a cold - if you were wondering.

Andrew Plato


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