Re: version control with Continuus?

Subject: Re: version control with Continuus?
From: "Robbie Rupel" <robbie -at- cms-stl -dot- com>
To: Paige Hester <phester -at- va -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 10:00:49 -0600

Hi Paige,

We use Continuus (and nothing else) to control our documentation. We control
our online help files (HTML, for a UNIX app), printed documents (for PDF
conversion to a CD-ROM), and company website. It works, but can be a struggle.

The interface is not intuituve (it is written by programmers for programmers, so
,naturally, no one can sit down and use it.) It has taked a long time for my
group to get used to it (and we still need occasional support from the Config.
Manager for some issues). But it has also saved our behinds on occasions, were
we have to recreate a file that was lost.

Feel free to email me with your specific questions. There are not many of us
Continuus users out there (that I have met, anyway).

Good luck!

Robbie Rupel
Documentation Manager and Defender of the Semicolon
Computerized Medical Systems (
robbie -at- cms-stl -dot- com

"Pardon me for saying so, but knowing what something isn't
doesn't exactly tell us what something is...." -Eeyore


Paige Hester wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've done some research in the archives on this thread but haven't found
> exactly what I'm looking for.
> I work for an e-commerce start-up company whose priority has been anything
> but document tracking. As the lone technical writer, I've been tasked with
> coming up with a system for version control of documents--mostly documents
> that project managers and programmers create during phases of software
> development. My company is in the process of migrating from VSS to Continuus
> for change management. I've seen VSS mentioned many times in the archives
> but few references to Continuus.
> I know that it's possible to store and track versions of documents with
> Continuus, and I'd like to know if others have experience doing so. If you
> do, do you use Continuus alone for version control or do you use other
> product(s) as a supplement? Do you have any other recommendations for
> setting up a version control system with Continuus?
> Any help is appreciated.
> Paige Hester.

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