Re: Contract vs Permanent

Subject: Re: Contract vs Permanent
From: "Joo Khim TAN" <jktan -at- ctlsg -dot- creaf -dot- com>
To: Tothscribe -at- aol -dot- com
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:14:15 +0800

Hi, Nea,

Thanks for your quick reply.

As an employer, I would prefer staff who are dedicated to the work at hand
- that is, the full-time job that they have with my company.

I think, generally, a person who works round the clock on several jobs
would be less healthy and/or alert (and thus less productive/effective)
than one who balances work (one job) with leisure. I wouldn't call this
prejudice. Just common sense.

It depends too, of course, on the time management capability of the one who
freelances besides holding a full-time job. That could be quite difficult
to tell.

joo khim

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Subject: Re: Contract vs Permanent

>What kind of job do you prefer - contract or permanent? And why?

I've done a lot of contract work because it allows me to learn about a wide
variety of subjects without having to make a long commitment to work I may
discover I don't like. (pro) This diversifies my portfolio and makes me
more hire-able. (pro)

But I don't like having to worry about lining up the next job, nor do I
like the inconsistent income of contracting for a living. This con
outweighs the pros of contracting for me -- which is a long-winded way of
saying I prefer permanent employment. Preferably with employers who don't
mind me freelancing with non-competitors on the side.

Which leads me to tack on a rider question -- if you are an employer, would
you be prejudiced against hiring someone whom you suspected of freelancing
on the side?

Nea Dodson

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