Re: Time Standards on Contractors

Subject: Re: Time Standards on Contractors
From: Jo Francis Byrd <jbyrd -at- byrdwrites -dot- com>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 10:26:51 -0600

Andrew and I aren't always in agreement, but he makes a valid point: as a
contractor, you are a hired gun. A couple of contracts back I created a totally
worthless help system for a client. This manager wasn't a jerk, but he was an idiot
(yes, there is a difference. You can be either or both!). He knew EXACTLY what he
wanted in the help system. It was stupid, the users wouldn't stay in there more
than a few seconds then never go back...but he didn't ask me to do anything illegal
or unethical. I made my argument in an effort to protect the hapless users, he
wanted it his way, I shut my mouth, did it his way, took comfort in the
non-disclosure agreements, collected my earnings, and got the h*^# outta Dodge!

If you're gonna be a contractor, you have to abide by the golden rule: the clients
gots the gold, the clients makes the rules.

Jo Byrd

Andrew Plato wrote, in part:

> Therefore, focus on what the client asks for, not what you think they need.
> I have a client with a networking product. The UI and the way they publish the
> docs is terrible. I documented my suggestions to them in the beginning of the
> project. They did not have time to adopt them. I nodded my head and agreed. Then
> I shut my trap and wrote the docs - according to THEIR plan, THEIR rules, and
> THEIR requirements....
> My statement was to suggest to Tony that he keep his opinions and procedures in
> check and do exactly what the client wants. If you want a win-win situation in
> contracting, you are humble, respectful, and you do the job even if you think it
> is stupid.

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