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Subject: RE: MS Word Bloat
From: Kelly Parr <KParr -at- c-bridge -dot- com>
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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 13:28:39 -0500

There was a conversation thread about this exact subject last week. Why do I
remember? Because it happened to me, and I posted the query. (Word file
expanded from 1.5mb to 44mb.)

You might want to check the archives; do a Word/Visio search. Meanwhile,
here's my summary posted on 3/22:

"Thanks to all of you who so quickly responded to my plea. You
may be interested to know that many of your recommendations
were not the issue. For instance, I had already checked that:

* Turn fast saves off (never was on)
* Make sure you're using the latest release of Office 2000 (yup)
* Turn off "Change Tracking" and make sure to accept/reject any
previous changes (done)
* "Save as" under different file name (yes)
* Open a new document and copy/paste from the old one (except for
that last pesky paragraph mark)

The last suggestion was the only thing that worked, although I had to copy
*just* the text and then go back and paste-special/as picture the Visio
drawings one by one from the original document.

The end file is 475kb!!" (The corrupt file was over 44mb)

Anyway, no one really knew why the file grew (it wasn't in MS default
settings), so we addressed making it smaller one issue at a time.

One interesting suggestion was to use "Save as" not as a different file name
but as the original file name. Something about Word savings all the changes
and edits and other gook when you do a plain "save." If you *do* discover a
real fix I'd love to know what it is.

Hope this helps.


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Subject: Re: MS Word Bloat

Susan wrote:

I am writing a doc in Word that jumped from 200KB to 9MB. This doc has one
graphic. What is the deal?
I know that I knew this once, but I can't recall it from the haze.

This has happened a few times to me. Can anybody give me an explanation, and

an easy fix besides cutting and a paste special.

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