Code bloat, speed and other considerations (Was: GUI vs Hand)

Subject: Code bloat, speed and other considerations (Was: GUI vs Hand)
From: Jean Weber <jean -at- wrevenge -dot- com -dot- au>
To: Technical Writers List <TECHWR-L -at- LISTS -dot- RAYCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 15:24:42 +1000

Okay, so I'm running behind on my mail.

On 30 May 2000, "Brierley, Sean" <Sean -at- Quodata -dot- Com> wrote:

... with 56k modems, cable modems, ISDN,
asynchronous this, that, and the other, I am not very worried about having
to download extra code.

You may not be, but some of us are. If you're coding for worldwide distribution, spare some thought for those of us on the WORLD wide web who don't have cable modems, ISDN, and other fast links, AND who pay by the minute for our calls. Or the many people (increasing all the time) who are or will be doing a lot of work with a laptop or palmtop computer and a mobile phone (the best I can get here is 9600).

To me, bloated code is
insignificant compared to poorly sampled graphics and poorly designed sites.
I am willing to permit bloat to more efficiently design an easily navigable
site that downloads fairly quickly.

I guess I agree with those statements. And anything that improves download time while making a site easily navigable is a good thing.

Another big problem for some of us (those using mobile phones and palmtops again <g> as well as the visually impaired) is a graphics-intensive site that does NOT have alternatives if I turn graphics off. No ALT tags or text links -- I'm dead in the water.

Just another perspective...

Regards, Jean
Jean Hollis Weber
mailto:jean -at- wrevenge -dot- com -dot- au
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