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Subject: RE: graphic artist work
From: Glen Warner <gdwarner -at- ricochet -dot- net>
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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 07:42:15 -0700

Todd Sutherland <TSutherland -at- DERIVION -dot- com> wrote:

> Hello, Robert,


> But there are two things your friend will need to consider.
> First, there are still a lot a lot a lot of people in the graphics
> industry who do not just favour the Mac, they treat it as a virtual
> religion. She will be facing these people and their prejudices. If
> along with these people is her biggest concern, tell her to get an

First, let me say I also use both systems. Done tech support for
both, too. At work, I do Windows. At home, I have a Mac -- an iMac
DV SE, to be exact.

That said, I'd recommend a G4 -- but no matter what you decide to get
(Mac-wise), I strongly suggest waiting until MacWorld New York's
hardware announcements have come and gone. There are rumors of faster
iMacs -- with 17" monitors. Not sure about faster G4s.

A good compromise: a refurbished iMac and a new PC; should be about
the same price, depending on where you shop.

> But, again, in my experience, Windows is the better choice simply
> the prices are lower, there is more software, you can get it
everywhere, you
> can get servicing anywhere, the peripherals tend to be less
expensive and of
> a wider variety; more people use them so there aren't so many file
> it's got nothing to do with Windows or ISA being intrinsically
"superior" to
> the Mac; just simple facts of life. It's not impossible to get
> buy parts, get servicing, or surf the web with a Mac, but, it is

True, the prices are lower for PCs. Apple *alone* makes the Mac --
hardware and software. Lots of different companies make PCs. They're
all competing with each other; this drives prices lower.

There are also a lot of programs written for the PC. Fortunately, the
programs your friend will need are on both platforms.

While it is also true that you may not see Mac software in stores,
there are a lot of catalogs. Look through any of the Mac magazines,
and you'll see ads for MacWarehouse, Mac Connect, Club Mac, and
several other new companies. You can also find hybrid CDs mixed in
with the Windows CDs.

As for file issues, keep the Windows "8-dot-3" format in mind when
you're naming and sharing files, and there should be no problem.

Need file compression? DropStuff, Stuffit Expander, DropZip. All

Don't know how anyone could think it is difficult to surf the web on a
Mac -- especially after Microsoft made that big deal with Apple to
bundle IE and OL with every Mac sold ... not to mention the recent
deal Apple made with EarthLink.

If you really want to see the difference between a Mac and a PC, drag
the Fonts folder from each system to the desktop. Reboot. Which one
works? That's the one you should buy.

> Todd G. Sutherland

Obligatory .sig:

"I love you!"
--several thousand PCs, very recently

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