RE: FrameMaker: Disconnected Pages: Appropriate Use

Subject: RE: FrameMaker: Disconnected Pages: Appropriate Use
From: "Decker F Wong-Godfrey" <dfgodfrey -at- milmanco -dot- com>
To: "TECHWR-L" <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 09:37:30 -0800

>>...Is there a better way to do this that has escaped me?

There's a way to do this, it's not as quick as it could or should be, but it
sure beats trying to play with disconnected pages.

Create a new master page, delete the body flow from the master page and
select that master page for the left-hand pages following the anchored-frame

Once you create the table, it should flow onto the right-hand pages only.

The easiest way to get "THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK" onto the page
would be to copy the footer text frame of another master page onto the blank
master page.

There may be a better way, but this is the first one that came to mind.

Decker Wong-Godfrey
Technical Writer
Milmanco Corporation
--Excellence in Technical Communcation Since 1945--

begin 666 winmail.dat
M>)\^(B 1`0:0" `$```````!``$``0>0! -at- `(````Y 0```````#H``$(@ <`
M& ```$E032Y-:6-R;W-O9G0 -at- 36%I;"Y.;W1E`#$(`0V ! `"````` -at- `"``$&
M@ ,`# -at- ```-('` -at- `%``D`)0````(`$ $!`Y &`&@'```H````"P`"``$````+
M`",```````,`)@``````"P`I```````#`"X```````,`- -at- ``````'@!P``$`
M```P````1G)A;65-86ME<CH -at- 1&ES8V]N;F5C=&5D(%!A9V5S.B!!<'!R;W!R
M:6%T92!5<V4`` -at- %Q``$````;`````<&N:-2N/("!W,1%0K&PA,+I"O+D;P``
MJ*F ``(!'0P!````' ```%--5% Z1$9'3T1&4D590$U)3$U!3D-/+D-/30`+
M``$.`````$ `! -at- X`QAVW:Z[!`0(!"@X!````& ````````"/;]Z$P0]1183<
M,+LYI%8HPH ```,`% X!````"P`?# -at- $````"`0D0`0```.P"``#H` -at- ``C00`
M`$Q:1G5_]+,2`P`*`')C<&<Q,C7B,@-#=&5X!4$!`P'W_PJ `J0#Y <3`H /
M\P!0!%8_"%4'LA$E#E$#`0(`8VCA"L!S970R! -at- `&PQ$E]C,$1A.W,!(L$3,(
M[PGWMCL8'PXP-1$B#&!C`%#S"PD!9#,V%E +I -at- KC"H H/CXN'7!)!"!T:,$$
MD&4 -at- 82!B%" .L!$%P'=A>1W ;R!D[Q\0'= $`!W!805 $^ $(%$'D&-A< F
M( > /^L<]!ST5!WB)P0@'C >S) L(&ET(@%N;P5 :2 1<74-X&LCTB-0()D%
MH'5L(* %L7-H)..S'E C,&)U!4 DH7,(<$\>$!Y0'] =L7)Y"X!G_Q[R"U$>
MX /P'= ?( 0`!:"\;FX%D ZP(* *L&<'D/HN(/I#&" ?T!X2*- 'X+T`P',>
M -at- BE"(S !`&P4(-\>$!W1'D $<![ -at- 9A>P!^#O`U(L8RLY'B!N(* 4$"P -at- _RCP
M'Z0MZ@(0!< L<BP -at- `8#>+1/@+K$I0S!1;"T1)V-?+($`<!/0!; )@"T#4&&S
M!X L\&EG)I$IFT\RT/T>$'D(8"3 *G0L<@&1+"!_(S(E5BT#`B$?0AX0!1!G
MAF -at- Q&P(@;'DN(!SE_R%7(# @$ B0*U >MBE -at- !4 0(E1(207P4$%'0$4 -at- 24Y4
M13R 20!/3D%,3%D -at- 3 !%1E0 -at- 0DQ!3NQ+(C=X+E-W)84>\ -at- 6@_G >X2R!`A C
ML!*!#K,S5/QO9BZ1([ =X2W;-X<"8/\`<"10*SDY8"#_*R$>X#]1_QXZ)?0?
M8Q^#,Y(4``5 `B!?+%(?T2!@,X$?`6T+@&2K*9L<]$0%D&L2 -at- 5<"()AG+4<$
M< -097DA5=T%D&@#`"! -at- `R!7!1 >@3T<]$T#$ .!!: 2(7)P&P6P']!I`B <
M]"TM1;YX-0`R``GP-0$+@"!,>/$(4&UM=3+03L,&``N 834!,3DT-4]P'/0H
M(0'0-BDU-U)P,S -at- L,#A)STH;?57 '@!"$ $````!``````````,`"5D!````
M"P``@ @@! -at- ``````P ```````$8``````X4````````#``. "" &``````#
M````````1 -at- `````0A0````````,`&8 (( 8``````, ```````!&`````%*%
M```G:@$`'@`:@ @@! -at- ``````P ```````$8`````5(4```$````$````.2XP
M``L`&X (( 8``````, ```````!&``````:%`````````P`<@ @@! -at- ``````
MP ```````$8``````84````````+`"6 "" &``````# ````````1 -at- ````` -dot-
MA0````````,`)H (( 8``````, ```````!&`````!&%`````````P`H@ @@
M! -at- ``````P ```````$8`````&(4````````>`#B "" &``````# ````````
M1 -at- `````VA0```0````$`````````'@`Y@ @@! -at- ``````P ```````$8`````
M-X4```$````!`````````!X`.H (( 8``````, ```````!&`````#B%```!
M`````0`````````"`?@/`0```! ```"/;]Z$P0]1183<,+LYI%8H`@'Z#P$`
M```0````CV_>A,$/446$W#"[.:16* (!^P\!````AP`````````XH;L0!>40
M&J&[" `K*E;"``!M<W!S="YD;&P``````$Y)5$'YO[ -at- !`*H`-]EN````0SI<
M1&]C=6UE;G1S(&%N9"!3971T:6YG<UQD9F=O9&9R97E<37D -at- 1&]C=6UE;G1S
M7$]U=&QO;VL -at- 36%I;"!#86-H95QD9F=O9&9R97DN<'-T```#`/X/!0````,`
M#33]-P``` -at- %_``$````Q````,# P,# P,# X1C9&1$4X-$,Q,$8U,30U.#1$
M0S,P0D(S.4$T-38R.$,T,T4R,3 P``````,`!A#)H!O$`P`'$'8"```#`! 0
M!0````,`$1 `````'@`($ $```!E````25-42$5214%"151415)705E43T1/

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