Re: The Results (Long)/Addendum

Subject: Re: The Results (Long)/Addendum
From: Michele Davis <michele -at- krautgrrl -dot- com>
To: Bruce Byfield <bbyfield -at- axionet -dot- com>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 19:38:11 -0500

Bruce has pushed me to the edge tonight. lol. I am American, my Uncle is a retired dentist and my Aunt is a retired hygienist, I also worked as an office manager for a dental practice during college. You have been warned, DO NOT attack me! I went to look at trucks ~2 years back and the salesperson was slovenly dressed (didn't bother me) and had the WORST teeth I have seen in America (not in Europe where I lived for a number of years, DO NOT attack me!) and he dissed the truck I wanted.

I was, obviously, offended. I called the manager. He wanted to know the sales guy's name and I couldn't remember, and as I was shuffling through my papers for his name I finally blurted out that he had the worst teeth I had ever seen. Greenish in cast and crooked as a politician's back (OK, I stole that from Forrest Gump) and the manager replied, "What are you, some freak, are you a dentist?"

In conclusion I would have never hired this man simply b/c he had a foul attitude and t/f I will not go back to this dealership for a vehicle ever again.

:) Michele (who is doing digital plastic surgery to Minnesota Models, who are ~15 years old, for a calendar and needed some levity tonight.


"I've learned that sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand." Andy Rooney

Bruce Byfield wrote:

eccentrics that I have to remind myself that eccentricity isn't always a mark of brilliance. After meeting and befriendng trans-gendered tarot readers, Gothic wicca with harps, Catholic monks with a fondness for brandy and Fats Waller, and writers who do sword exercises late at night when writers' block strikes, I don't imagine there's much that couldn't surprise or delight me.

The same goes for the interviewer, of course. If an interviewer greets me in ragged jeans and a torn T-shirt, then plants his sandalled feet on the desk so that I can see his filthy feet (which actually happened to me once at a reasonably large company), I think I have the right to be a little insulted.

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