Re: Know of courses on writing RFP responses?

Subject: Re: Know of courses on writing RFP responses?
From: Anthony Davey <ant -at- ant-davey -dot- com>
To: Clarence Gray <Clarence -dot- Gray -at- AgressoAmericas -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 07:20:51 +0000


Have you ever been a contractor or freelance writer? If you have you should know what you want an RFP response to contain (other than a cheque). The fact that you put this in the category of marketing/sales writing suggests that you want to embellish a situation, rather than than clarify it.

Are you looking for a template?

Dear Supplier,

Thank you for your letter concerning payment of your invoice, number XXXXX. As you may appreciate the amount you are trying to recover represents about 0.01% of what this corporation will make in net profit while you read this letter. In short you don't matter; we don't care.
We've cut back our staff costs so much recently that our accounts depatment has a huge backlog of work, which includes the cutting of checks for small suppliers. We don't keep your letters on file because of theadministration costs, but I'd guess you're asking for less than $5,000, in which case your invoice is sitting somewhere in the 'really low priority' tray.

But don't worry, you'll get paid some day. Unless we change the admin system in the next few months, in which case your invoice will probably get lost in the move.

See ya!</g>

If this isn't quite how you want to put it I hope, at least that this has sparked some ideas.

Best regards,

PS. What does Agresso do? Something in agriculture, or are the directors just naturally vindictive?

Clarence Gray wrote:

I've recently been given the task of writing RFP responses for my company. I don't have any formal or informal background in marketing/sales.

My question is: Does anyone know of a course in writing an RFP response that may help me out (particularly one online)? I'm located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Clarence Gray
Technical Writer
Agresso Americas

Know of courses on writing RFP responses?: From: Clarence Gray

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