Re: Thanks for the letters concerning a bad posting.

Subject: Re: Thanks for the letters concerning a bad posting.
From: Joseph T Chew <JTCHEW -at- LBL -dot- BITNET>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 09:16:42 PST

I thought it appropriate. However, there has been some discussion
(e.g., on about whether being turned on and
off frequently is hard on your disk drive and monitor.

Last I heard, the Department of Energy was advising its people to
power down at night unless otherwise instructed by the equipment


I leave my work system up all night because that's the only time
it's pratical to run our intrusive but otherwise excellent automatic
backup system. My other computers are powered up only when I'm
actually using them.

When deciding for yourself, read the manual or contact the mfr to
see if any harm is likely to come from power cycles occurring on
the order of daily. (I think that's an antiquated concern and that
the finite lifetime of hard-disk bearings might be more important.)
Certainly if you look at the back of your computer and monitor,
you'll see some impressive amperages -- quite often comparable to a
microwave oven or a hair dryer.

This is actually a serious issue that kinda snuck up on everybody --
not only the energy-conservation community, but also the owners and
managers of older office buildings that were wired with electric
typewriters in mind and suddenly have to support personal computers,
fax machines, laser printers, copiers, and all the other electrical
accounterments of the modern office.

Sic transit gloria fuses,
Not a spokesman for, but a ringside spectator to, the DOE

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