Re: creating online documents with FrameMaker

Subject: Re: creating online documents with FrameMaker
From: John Veneruso <johnv -at- JOHNV -dot- MENTORG -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1993 19:15:14 GMT

I currently use FrameMaker to write documents that are distributed
for on-line viewing. Our Warren New Jersey office has been
publishing on-line documents in Frame for almost a year now.
They use a product called FrameView, which is essentially
a brain damaged version of FrameMaker. When you "lock"
a document in FrameMaker, you are now viewing the document
using FrameView. After locking it, hyperlinks
and references become active. However, you can no longer
make editing changes to it, unless you unlock it.

Frame Technology Corp. sells a stand-alone product called
FrameView, which your readers can use to view your document.

From my experience, FrameView is pretty fast (if you are running
it on a either a Sparc 2, HP425, HP/PA 710,720, or 730)

Frame Technology is also coming out with a new product called
FrameBuilder that will allow you to create a version of your
documents in SGMLS (sp) that will allow you to use third party
viewing tools to read your documents.

Sun Computer publishes all of its manuals in a souped up version
of FrameView called Sun Answerbook.

Cadence Computer (San Jose) publishes its on-line manuals for the
FrameView reader.

Good luck...
(The only other package that you have as a comparison is
Interleaf...I don't know much about this product, except
that they recently dropped its price...)

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The views expressed in this e-mail are entirely my own
and are not the views of Mentor Graphics Corp.

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