Re: Reverse order print?

Subject: Re: Reverse order print?
From: Judith Wisdom <wisdom -at- UDCEMAIL -dot- UDC -dot- UPENN -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 1994 04:09:19 EST

Someone from another list suggested this one for a question I have, and if
anyone can figure out a solution for me they will receive, besides my
eternal appreciation, a lollipop of their favorite flavor.

I just purchased a Hewlett-Packard Desk Jet 500 and for word processing
still use WP50. I am editing a huge text and am having to do lots of
printing. I bought the printer because the tearing of the fanfold paper
from the dot matrix I had was just awful, especially since I have pretty
rotten problems with chronic pain. But with the HP I discover, rudely,
that I have to reverse the order of the pages once they are printed. And
that, while better than tearing paper, is still a mess for me.

I called HP and the tech I spoke with said he didn't know of any software
except one for Windows (I am DOS only) that would reverse pages. The WP
people say that WP60 will with ease, but I can't, right now, spring for it.

Does anyone know either of a cheap software package that will do this, or
whether WP50 can be "convinced" to do it, despite what their tech said. I
thought to try simply "asking" it to print pages 60-1, and see what
happens. But I am not terribly sophisticated about software, and
especially because I am near a deadline don't want to do anything that
will get my computer angry.

Is it hopeless, or are there any possibilities short of WP60 (if, in fact,
they are telling the truth!)?

Many, many thanks in advance.

Judith Wisdom wisdom -at- udcemail -dot- udc -dot- upenn -dot- edu

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