Re: Reverse order print (fwd)

Subject: Re: Reverse order print (fwd)
From: Judith Wisdom <wisdom -at- UDCEMAIL -dot- UDC -dot- UPENN -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 1994 02:09:02 EST

[Mistakenly, I posted this to just one person on the list although I had
intended it to be a list posting since it continues a discussion, with
latest info, thanks to responders, etc., although not on a very lofty
topic, I must admit. Since some of the responses came from personal
addresses I'm not sure which list they were seen on, but will post this
message--as well as the final resolution to the problem--to both lists to
which I posted my original query, in case anyone else out there is looking for
the solution that I am.]


Judith Wisdom wrote:

> Wow to R. Bruce for taking the time to figure out and write so clearly the
> instructions for a macro to help me print backwards. I will try it over
> the weekend on a short document to see if using the macro is physically
> easier than restacking the pages. Of course I'll post my reaction ASAP.

> As for the gerryrigging solutions, thanks for the people who sent them.
> This bear of very little technical brain sometimes cannot for the life of
> me see how another tray would do it, though. With the HP Deskjet 500, the
> pages are thrust out face up, with page one coming first and thus sitting
> at the bottom of the
> pile. The solution would for it to come out face down in numerical order
> (1-n) or face up (as it does) but in reverse order (n-l), the latter of
> which seems like the only thing that is potentially manipulable by
> software or software commands. The former seems like it would require
> getting inside the printer and rebuilding it.

> Maybe RB's lovely macro will help. If it ends up being as tedious as
> manually restacking, which he worries about and thus, till I try it, I do,
> the suggestion box is still appreciatingly open.

> Judith Wisdom wisdom -at- udcemail -dot- udc -dot- upenn -dot- edu

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