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Subject: Re: National Technical Writers' Week
From: Chuck Banks <chuck -at- ASL -dot- DL -dot- NEC -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 10:59:41 CST

According to Lynn Gold:

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> Nation to Celebrate National Technical Writer's Week

> Next week, March 28 through April 1, 1994, the nation celebrates the
> contributions of technical writers to their quality of life by
> observing National Technical Writers' Week. This event honors the hard
> work of the women and men who battle daily to protect normal people
> from the frustration of unusable products. Their work has saved the
> sanity of people struggling to make a product work by guessing what it
> does. Ultimately, these victims have been forced to turn to the
> technical manual, where they have found support and assistance. Or the
> phone number of the company's response center.

> Parades are scheduled in major cities across the nation:

> MONDAY's parade in Chicago features a salute to the Chicago Manual of
> Style, for decades a standard of editorial correctness. Special
> recognition will go to the use of angle brackets to symbolize keycaps.
> Attendees will be given a chance to win a drawing for T-shirts and
> caps showing a graphic of the keycap <ANY> and a hammer.

> TUESDAY's parade in New York will be punctuated with performance art
> depicting a passion play of common events in a tech writers' life:

> o Janice Connally will perform a rendition of "You want a 100-page
> manual in three weeks!?!"

> o Mike Corcoran will express the heart-rending, "What do you mean you
> changed the GUI interface!?!"

> o Margaret Jamison-Long will share the impassioned, "You mean my
> software wasn't up to date? Are you saying I'll have to redo ALL
> my screen dumps!?!"

> WEDNESDAY's parade in Boston will feature technical writers marching in
> formation carrying manuscripts and red pens. An adjunct marching band
> will perform a salute to the daisywheel printer, in which band members
> in T-shirts will show how to create graphics using only ASCII
> characters. A smaller team will circulate through the crowd creating
> smilies. :-)

> In an evening symposium, an MIT scientist will give a presentation
> on how to program a VCR, with simultaneous translation by a VCR
> specialist technical writer.

> THURSDAY's parade in San Francisco will feature participation from
> technical writers in the famed Silicon Valley. At the parade's end
> at Moscone Center, displays will show historic tech writer tasks:

> o Creating combined text and graphics using paper, pens, and tape.

> o Automatically generating an index by sending the document to a
> contractor.

> o Technical manuals normally overlooked, such as signs saying
> WALK/DON'T WALK, "Please wait for host/hostess to seat you," and
> "Do not exit. Door is alarmed."

> FRIDAY's parade in Washington D.C. will culminate in a speech by
> the League of Legal Writers on "The Legal Ramifications of Special
> Text: When to Use Note, Important, Warning, and Danger."

> The following people will be recognized for their special
> contributions to the art and science of technical writing:

> o Elizabeth M. Gribbons, inventor of the breakthrough "Hit any key to
> continue."

> o Evelyn Whartonfield, who stunned the world with "This page left
> intentionally blank."

> o Robert Hanford, who, in a dark moment of blind inspiration, developed
> the acronym, RTFM.

> You, too, can participate in National Technical Writers' week:
> just take a tech writer to lunch. For an especially festive treat,
> choose a restaurant with a badly edited menu, and enjoy the writer's
> paroxysms of correctness.

> Copyright (c) 1994 Connie Kleinjans

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Anyone else know anything about this?

Best Regards!

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