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Date: Mon, 25 Apr 1994 06:20:43 -0400

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Subject: A clarification ... / How women are taught
Reply-To: ag231 -at- FreeNet -dot- Carleton -dot- CA

Steven J. Owens of Unidata told of the uniqueness of his parents'
+ upbringings
and the effect this had on their attitudes toward technology and problem-
+ solving:

> ... she grew up in a more plebian
> household, where her father orolder brother fixed anything that
> broken, or it didn't get fixed. While my mother doesn't have the
> skills my father acquired, she does have a much stronger "fix it and
> get on with it" attitude.
> I think this stuff is changing, but slowly. Changes in the
> real techie fringes, like computer science, will either lag behind
> until mainline cultural changes filter out there, or forge ahead,
> leading the change.

My parents' upbringing reinforces this example. It does matter what
+ attitudes
toward technology were taught to you.

My father grew up in Germany, the son of a judge. While not rich, any proper
Burger of that time always said "let the carpenter do it", or the shoemaker.
My dad hated that attitude, loved math, and dropped out of law in university
in the 1920s to study Chemical Engineering.

My mother grew up in America, in a one-parent family (her father). As one of
two children and the only daughter, her dad, an economics professor, doted
+ on
her and taught her much a girl would not otherwise have learned. As she grew
up, my mother also was interested in math, and was encouraged by her father
when she said she wanted to major in math at college. She did, and graduated
in math from Swarthmore College. She had as a role model a woman who was
the right--hand-person to her uncle, who was one of the founders of the
Actuarial Society. So she moved to Chicago, and got a job in the Actuarial
department of a large insurance company. My mother loved computers, and
+ before
(about seven years before) she died, her brother and I bought her a Radio
Shack 100, which she loved. Had she lived long enough, I know she would be
out there on the Internet, kickin' up a storm!

I have two friends - Penny and Chuck, who live in upstate New York. When I
visited them a few years ago, their three-year-old son was at the keyboard
of Dad's computer, hit a wrong key, and said, "Backsplash, backsplash - how
do I get out of this?".

What you teach your kids - your daughters or your sons - has a tremendous
impact, and sometimes it's also good for them to have something to rebel
against, as well.

"When peace that passes understanding : Carl Stieren
reigns on earth and on the sea, : Simware, Inc. /Ottawa, Canada
Will lions bow to lambs' commanding; : ag231 -at- freenet -dot- carleton -dot- ca
the pounding tide will cease to be" - Goethe, _Novelle_

"When peace that passes understanding : Carl Stieren
reigns on earth and on the sea, : Simware, Inc. /Ottawa, Canada
Will lions bow to lambs' commanding; : ag231 -at- freenet -dot- carleton -dot- ca
the pounding tide will cease to be" - Goethe, _Novelle_

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