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Subject: Re: Do you agree...
From: Jack Shaw <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 14:16:50 MEZ

Just a comment on the effectivity of promotions and the
catch-word, "recommended"...

Being "recommended" for promotion means, in most "human
resource" cases, just that. The recommendation is made,
usually following a heart-to-heart with your personager,
and sent to personnel. However, the actual date of
effectivity depends strictly on the body-counters.

Given, a recommendation in Nov. and a subsequent effective
date (from your point of view) of July this year is as
most have said, a pretty sad state. But it could have been
a "miscommunication" (don't you just love euphemisms?) to

"You're doin' a super job, there, bucko. I'm going to
recommend you to vice-chancellor of the pubs department..."
(not said: "...the next promotion cycle...")

-- the latter being at the end of the next bean-counting (fiscal)
year. And you're walking away with starry eyes in Nov., and
are darn sure s/he said, "I'm running upstairs right now and
getting you a raise and another stripe...".

Nasty time lag, there, I admit. But when s/he said that,
s/he undoubtedly thought you'd appreciate the commitment,
particularly so early on (but YOU weren't thinking "early on",
most folks wouldn't--you ran out and signed an order for a
new Jeep Cherokee or Testarossa, and now the dealer wants
the money and you want the car and ... well, like that.

So bite your lip, have the old Porsche retuned, tell the
dealer to mothball the new one for a month or so, and
chalk it up to the old bugaboo, "miscommunication".

Or discuss it with the manager in sweet, lip-biting tones
as a simple inquiry into the workings of things.

In the meantime, polish up a resume or two and drop 'em
in the mail to places you never thought would hire you...
it's amazing what an unpressured interview at another co.
will do for your ego...

The Droll Troll

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