Re: Proportional Font

Subject: Re: Proportional Font
From: Laura Lemay <lemay -at- DEATH -dot- KALEIDA -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 1994 09:16:15 +0800

Rikki -at- trg -dot- trglink -dot- co wrote:
>>We are looking for a proportional font which performs like Courier New, but
>>is more aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't matter if it is serif or sans
>>serif, but it does need to be reasonably common.

Um? I think you've got it backwards? Courier is not a proportional font.

Proportional spacing means that each character has its own spacing.
"i"s take up less space than "m"s.

Monospaced, as Courier is, means that all the characters take up the same
amount of space, regardless of thier widths.

I guess I'm not quite sure what you're asking for. What do you mean by
"performs like Courier?" In what way?

Mike Pope suggested:

>I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I've seen Lucida
>Typewriter used for things
>like code samples. It is certainly more pleasing than Courier, but I believe
>that it isn't
>actually a proportional font (??).

Lucida TypeWriter and Lucida Sans TypeWriter are both monspaced fonts, and
yes, they are quite nice.

The added advantage is that the entire Lucida family was designed to be
read easily on low-resolution screens, so they're particualrly nice for
online documentation.

For other monospaced fonts, I like the truetype version of Monaco, but I
believe only Apple computers have that one available.

Other than Lucida TypeWriter, there aren't any monospaced Type 1 fonts that
I like. They all look like courier to me.

font weenie

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