I Offend.

Subject: I Offend.
From: Jim Grey <jwg -at- ACD4 -dot- ACD -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 1994 08:23:49 -0500

Gentle people,

I've received some e-mail, and have seen a post to this list, which say
that I have offended by agreeing with Beth Vollbach's position on degreed
v. non-degreed. I apologize for offending. I did not intend to alienate
or hurt anyone by my statements.

I understood Beth's post to say, "Sometimes all an interviewer has to gauge
determination is whether or not the candidate is degreed, for earning the
degree shows determination." I tried, but apparently failed, to echo her
words by paraphrasing my father, who claimed that a college education shows
that the person can start a difficult task and complete it. I did not intend
to suggest that this was the *only* path, or that folks without a degree
did not have determination or sticktuitiveness. Unfortunately, many readers
interpreted my words that way. Again, I'm sorry.

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