Re: Sexist Language & Mike LaTorra

Subject: Re: Sexist Language & Mike LaTorra
From: "Arlen P. Walker" <arlen -dot- walker -at- JCI -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 1994 10:21:48 -0500

>I'm also curious, Mike, why you're so "PROUD" to be a "White Heterosexual
>American Male." First, your parents had far more to do with your becoming
>white, heterosexual, American, and male than you did.

I'll give you two out of four, there. Mike has always had the option of
being non-American. Because he didn't, I'll give him the credit for still
being an American. Also, modern medicine has given us the choice of being
whatever sex we choose, and the genetic basis for heterosexuality has not
been firmly established. Because the former choice is expensive and the
latter at least open to debate, I'll give you half credit for each.

>Second, your statement
>implies that being non-white, non-heterosexual, non-American, and non-male is
>something people should be non-proud of.

Give me a break!! I'm proud of my children. Does that mean you cannot be
proud of your own? If Karen is proud to be a woman (pardon me for bringing
you in here, Karen, but I can't use myself for this point) does that mean
Mike (or you, Dan) can't be proud to be a man? Since when does one person's
sense of self-worth diminish another? Grow up, Dan. Life isn't a zero-sum

>..and by the way, fortunately for the human race, it's not up to you and
>Accugraph whether we have a HECK of a nice day.

It's not up to me, either, but I still hope you have one.

Have Fun,

arlen -dot- walker -at- jci -dot- com
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