Re: Resume styles

Subject: Re: Resume styles
From: Kristina Guiney <KGUINEY -at- MELMAC -dot- BITNET>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 1994 15:55:17 -0400

On Fri, 10 Jun 1994, Eric Ray wrote:

> I wouldn't want to consider you flame bait either, but
> a functional resume isn't ALWAYS (I don't know about
> usually) intended to obscure the work history.

Regarding the criteria used by people who "weed" out resumes: first
impressions matter! Unfortunately, _every_ person who sifts through piles
of resumes has his or her own opinion about what a good (vs. bad) resume
looks like. And based on that opinion, your resume either gets passed on
to decision makers or gets "filed for six months in case something comes up."
What you think "works," others may think is totally inappropriate. That's a
fact of life.

So what do you do? Of course there's the obvious: eliminate bad grammar,
typos, etc. But as far as style, format, etc., use a resume that _you're_
comfortable with. That gives the "weeder" a better idea about who you are
and what you're about. And it's bound to appeal to somebody somewhere! (Of
course have the resume reviewed and proofed by people whose opinion you

It's like playing the slots in Las Vegas--a game of chance: one of these days
you're gonna win! Either way, I'd still like to hear from the people on
this list that go through stacks of resumes: What do you reject immediately?
What do you like to see?

Kristie Guiney, Technical Writer Burlington Coat Factory
kristina -dot- guiney -at- coat -dot- com Burlington, New Jersey

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