Re: BB Manners 101

Subject: Re: BB Manners 101
From: doug montalbano <doug_montalbano -at- CC -dot- CHIRON -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 1994 12:52:16 PST

On 7/12/94, Lallie Heard <lheard -at- ST6000 -dot- SCT -dot- EDU> at SMTP wrote

><snip> *YEOW* I popped up in the middle of the crossfire about
>Writer's Block.
>I'm an Atlanta native; if you've seen Gone with the Wind, ya'll know
>how we do hate to offend. Any suggestions about where a neophyte can
>go to learn the social graces of bb-ing without getting her head shot

This on the heels of Gwen Gall's posting:
>I'm pretty new on the lists, and maybe not as thick-skinned as some
>others, but it strikes me as a rather cruel way to learn: public
>humiliation for ignorance (not deliberate impropriety). This type of
>dialog takes awhile to get the hang of; it is indeed a different
>communications medium--even from old-fashioned letter-writing,
>because things can escalate so quickly with the instant access,
>instant response mechanism inherent in email.

I feel it's a shame to keep coming back to this topic. Couldn't we
just make up a legend and disown it? I'll start:
Back in the good old days of computing, really young, nerdy, but
bright guys had computers and e-mail all to themselves. They did
things in young-guy, nerdy, macho-in-a-small-pond kind of way,
including "flaming" responses & people they didn't like. It's the
teenage way: quick response, all-or-nothing, extremism....
Okay, now it's 1994 and this is a list of professional adults.
Screw tradition; let's be adults and not dorks.

(The irony of my hotheaded response on this subject isn't lost on me,
by the way. But hey, I'm tired of people apologizing for being

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