Pulling My Hair Out

Subject: Pulling My Hair Out
From: Shelley Larock <larock -at- TYCHO -dot- ARH -dot- CDC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 1994 14:42:59 GMT

Good morning (I think),

I just have to vent...

I take pride in my career choice. I've worked hard to get
where I am. And I know a hell of a lot more about writing
than my engineer-boyfriend does and most other engineers, for
that matter!

So why is it that he asks me to review his resume and cover
letter and when I suggest changes he takes offense? He
actually got down-right snotty about it. And it's not
just him. It's lots of people. Does anyone understand
that this is what we do and that an edit mark is not
a cut-down?

OK, my boyfriend likes to think he knows a lot, and he
does, but not about writing. For the last four years
he's been tucked away in a chemistry lab doing chemical
"things". I cringe when he asks me to review something
he's written. I thought editing his cover letters
were bad, until he brought home a thirty-odd page
report for me to go through. It's not like I have
a vengeance for engineers or other techies. It's
just that if something is written wrong, I think
I should say, "Hey, this should be written more
like *this*. Makes it easier to read and understand."

OK, I feel better. Thanks for listening!

larock -at- tycho -dot- arh -dot- cdc -dot- com

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