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Subject: who cares . . .
From: Elaine Winters <ewinters -at- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 1994 13:47:19 -0700

The problem is in the region; China is spending it's vast
gold reserves (the largest in the world) buying Russian

The one-child policy has produced more and more
female infanticide, producing a situation where, in a
culture where everyone marries, tens of millions of young
men will not have women to marry. [Read: cannon fodder.]

The region is tense with the disputed islands in the waters
off China, S'pore, Malaysia, Thailand - - - with practically
every country in the region staking claims and looking for oil.

Add to this the growing problem of AIDS in the region.

To this now add the US arming Thailand. Those tanks (and other
arms) were developed w/our tax money and now more money will
be used to arm an already volitile situation.

Thats my view of the problem. I'm not interested in another
'hot spot' in the world. EW

E. Winters: Principal Program Facilitating and Consulting
Instructional Design * Interactivity * Cross - Cultural Communication

On Wed, 14 Sep 1994 MWALKER -at- connect4 -dot- slc -dot- unisysgsg -dot- com wrote:

> > Subject: Thailand seeking U.S. tanks for $127 million
> > Copyright: 1994 by Reuters, R
> > Date: Mon, 12 Sep 94 14:20:21 PDT

> > WASHINGTON (Reuter) - Thailand has asked to buy 180 U.S.
> > M-60A3 tanks and associated military equipment for $127 million,
> > the Pentagon said Monday.
> > Congress is expected to approve the proposed sale, which would
> > include heat-seeking sights for the tanks, 6,000 rounds of
> > 105mm ammunition, M-240 machine guns and night vision goggles.
> > The tanks would come from U.S. Army stocks, the Defense Department
> > said.
> > The sale would help the Southeast Asian nation upgrade its military
> > armor, which currently includes 53 M-60A1 and 75 M-48A5 tanks from
> > the United States.

> -------------------------
> -------------------------

> What has that to do with tax dollars at work? The old M60A3 tanks
> have been replaced in the U.S. Army by the M1 Abrams, and if not
> sold, will be scrapped. Thailand, a friendly nation located
> dangerously close to some communist countries, wants to buy the tanks
> to replace its even older M60A1 and M48 tanks, which are of early
> '60s and Korean War vintage, respectively. What's the problem?

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