Re: Screen Fatigue

Subject: Re: Screen Fatigue
From: Sally Marquigny <SALLYM -at- MSMAILHQ -dot- NETIMAGE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 1994 13:57:00 PDT

Mike LaTorra asked:
Is it also true that certain frequencies of strobe lights cause
epileptic siezures?
I've always heard it was so. In fact, I understand that school teachers
used to be instructed to never let movies run to the end because the
flashing effect of the projecting light with no film in it could cause kids
to have seizures. Same is true of when you drive & the sun comes through
the trees, particularly in winter when all that's there is a bunch of
vertical trunks.

My highly technical and professional understanding of the phenomenon is that
it's a chaos kind of thing--the pattern is so different from the brain's
waves that the brain tries to follow it & then totally freaks out. Perhaps
there's a medical writer among us who can tell us the correct terminology
for it ;)

Sally Marquigny Network Imaging Systems
sallym -at- msmailhq -dot- netimage -dot- com Herndon, VA

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