Get-together at CCCC 95?

Subject: Get-together at CCCC 95?
From: "Chuck Murray, ZK2-2/R94, DTN 381-2648 18-Oct-1994 0816" <cmurray -at- 4GL -dot- ENET -dot- DEC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 08:30:11 EDT

I posted the following message to several lists, but not
to TECHWR-L because I initially didn't think it would be of
interest to this list's readership. However, I may be wrong;
so if you plan to be at the CCCC 95 meeting and are interested
in my proposal, please reply to me privately or to the list.
(I've gotten some response, but not a whole lot, and the
CCCC organizers probably need a fair amount of interest before
scheduling anything.)

For those who will be attending the Conference on College
Composition and Communication's 1995 meeting (CCCC 95)
next March in Washington, DC, I present the following idea
for your consideration: a short (1-hour) time slot for a
get-together of members of electronic discussion groups
(Listserv and newsgroup).

I imagine a fair number of members of certain groups may
be at CCCC 95 - groups such as IPCT-L, Purtopoi, and Bizcom
(and no doubt others I've never belonged to). Those who are
interested in face-to-face meetings with other members
could show up. The session could be as structured or
unstructured as people wanted. A simple approach would
be to have a sign and a "sign-up" sheet (name and local
contact into - phone number, hotel, whatever) for each
group, with at least one "representative" from each group
present. People could put group stickers (or write the
group names) on their conference name tags.

This could be a lousy or great idea. If implemented, it
could be a flop or a success. Potential flop scenario:

o Nobody shows up; or a few show up, lose interest, and

o People show up, but are disappointed that the
"important" people from the group aren't there or that
the people they meet don't match the impressions they
had formed.

Potential success scenario:

o Lots of people show up; stimulating discussions
take place, and perhaps one or more interesting

o People strike up satisfying personal and professional
relationships with colleagues who had previously been
mere Internet addresses.

If you're interested in this idea, please let me know. If
you want to organize it or set up something formal, mention
that also. (I'm a thinker and doer, but not an organizer
and leader.) I've mentioned the idea to the CCCC people
and have been told: "maybe if there is enough interest we
can get something in the Program Book." I'll serve as an
initial contact to gather and pass along expressions of
interest, but I don't want to be the impresario.

- Chuck Murray
cmurray -at- 4gl -dot- enet -dot- dec -dot- com (preferred - address probably good till
mid-November, possibly later)
murray -at- neu -dot- edu (an account I use only once a week or so)

P.S. If you're in a discussion group to which I haven't
posted this message, feel free to post it there.

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